Nieuwe CD Signum Quartett: ‘soundescapes’

De nieuwe CD ‘soundescapes’ van het Signum Quartett, met werk van Ravel, Debussy en Thomas Adès gooit hoge ogen in de internationale pers.

“Flawless, extremely musical, at times captivating and even racy.” 5*
ark: “Album Check I: soundescapes”. In: Aachener Zeitung, 10. April 2015.

Thomas Adès over zijn werk ‘Aracadiana’ op de CD ‘soundescapes’:
“I am most excited by this new recording by the Signum quartet of my first quartet Arcadiana. It is a thrill to have this magnificent recording, and to find my piece in the perfect context of the two great masterpieces by Debussy and Ravel. It is an honour for a composer of my generation to be presented in such company. Bravo and many thanks to the Signum Quartet!”

Musical escape
“[…] the Signum Quartet, who under the allusion-rich title “soundescapes” has just released an extraordinary recording of sensual works which play with the flow of sound and colour. These are musical points of escape in many respects, as this recording is potentially addictive.”
Tatjana Mehner: “Musikalische Fluchtpunkte” In: Ostthüringer Zeitung, 7. April 2015.

“Fresh and exciting”
The new CD of the German Signum Quartet belongs belongs in the premium class. This recording of Debussy’s String Quartet is characterized from the very first bar by an elastic and flowing style and an enormously rich tonal palette. The four players approach this impressionistic gem with a joyful sense of discovery, fresh and full of vigour.

“Taufrisch und aufgregend” In:, 27.March 2015.


En ten slotte nog delen uit verschillende recensies
der Spiegel van 19 april jl.

“An exhilarating cocktail.”
“How wonderful it is when interpreters bring these ideas to life with such verve and intuition. […] An enthusiasm for playing which will perk up even hardened chamber music-grouches.”
“a refined fire, glowing, perfectly formed.”


MDR Figaro van 20 april jl.
“With this project the Signum Quartet again stands for an overwhelming joy of playing, precision, a keen sense of rhythm, and not least for a sense for colours and nuances. These readings meaningfully unify exacting analysis, earnestness and intoxicating moments.
Concerti online
“The resulting sound is concentrated, shimmering, ethereal, at the same time crystal clear and yes, also beguiling.”


Deutschland Rundfunk van 3 mei jl
door Maja Ellmenreich: “Die neue Platte: Musik zum Anfassen”
“Music to touch”

“Music to touch, music which does not merely ring in the ears but which is positively palpable. This is the new CD by the Signum Quartet. At times it feels like gossamer parchment paper, at times like coarse, dried wood, at times like brushed, cold steel.”

“the Signum Quartet invites us on a racy whitewater voyage with their technically precise and musically flexible playing.”

“The four string players of the Signum Quartet take us on a journey through soundscapes – craggy and sweet, sparse and lush. This is music not only for hearing and feeling – with a little fantasy it is also music for seeing.”


Pizzicato Magazine, by Remy Franck, 4 mei jl.

“To play like this, to narrate like this, there needs to be a deep emotional connection to the musical text on the side of the performer, but also a mental preparation which clarifies the complexity of the demands and elucidates the course of events from start to finish.”

“This music has a phenomenally gifted narrator in the Signum Quartet, who understand how to emotionally convey the tangible aspects of Adès’s thought in its musically abstracted form and in so doing present the attentive, absorbed listener with a range of suggestively helpful interpretations.”

“Introspection and refined emotional nuances also define this reading of the Ravel quartet, in which we, as in the preceding works, marvel at the ensemble’s balance of sound, which transforms the music into a kind of sensual dream and portrays the delicacy of Ravel’s music completely.”

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