Doric String Quartet in Wigmore Hall met Haydn’s opus 64

Het Doric String Quartet is sinds een aantal jaren bezig om alle strijkkwartet van Haydn op te nemen en bracht onlangs alle opus 64 kwartetten uit. De CD wordt nu al succesvol ontvangen in de internationale pers. Ze gaven 2 weken geleden een concert met een deel van deze kwartetten, waarvan u hieronder een recensie terug kunt lezen:

Sunday Times, Sunday March 11, 2018
Paul Driver

“When, on my next visit to the hall, the Dorics sat conventionally on the same small platform and, with affable refinement, embarked on their succinct Haydn programme, I was freshly struck by the satisfying effect of the time-honoured arrangement. Everything signified and was right. The playing was not much less virtuosic than previously, but discreetly so — flamboyant when called for, but not otherwise; vibrato sparing but beautiful; ensemble impeccable — a true togetherness. Donat’s observations, for instance, on Haydn’s intriguing use of double reprises in the recapitulation sections of his Op 64 first movements could be borne out by the ear, and profitably, when there were no distractions for the eye. One marvellous utterance followed another.”

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